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hallucination theory October 23, 2008

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On behalf of my shriveled sense of optimism, I feel it necessary to serve it justice by saying simply: It’s not all bad.

Today I laughed quietly behind my hand as my insane patient had his phone confiscated from security after repeatedly calling 911 to inform them that the hospital was launching people off of the roof. Part of me wondered if that wasn’t the insanity speaking and more a display of a sixth sense as he received the subliminal messages sent from the staff in moments of debilitating stress. I can imagine many of us working in the hospital have had moments were we’ve desperately wished to either launch people out or throw ourselves through the transparent barriers to an ultimate freedom. Perhaps this man picked up one too many stray wishes seeping from the pores of our overworked staff and was able to manifest them into a literal depiction of bodies raining from the sky. At least the poor guy had something to look at from his padded, over medicated prison.

This led me to wonder about hallucinations in general and whether or not they are truly “figments our imagination”. What is it that people are really seeing? I can make the garden variety speculation that they may be a window to another dimension full of alternate realities that this person happens to be privy to in their current mental state, but I find it more interesting to contemplate the possibility that they could have some sort of warped telepathy going where they are actually seeing the figments of someone else’s imagination. I wonder what an amazing skill that would be to harness the images held in a strangers head and bring a visual into our own. The standard view of telepathy in general comes at a horrific cost as is and it would seem that if a theory such as the aforementioned was true, the price would appear to be much higher without the comprehension of what was happening.

All theorizing aside, I had a bright spot in the bleakness. All is not lost.