sometimes, my head explodes

About October 22, 2007

“[E]very sliver of reality is full of personality: every passing cloud, every piece of furniture, every dressmaker’s mannequin, fruitbowl, puppy or ray of light–each and every entity, even the most trivial, has its own personality and essence. And on every page and in every passage of his writing, life is bursting with content and meaning. Every line [he] writes is in defiance of what he calls ‘the fortified wall that looms over meaning’, and a protest against the terror of vapidity, banality, routine, stereotyping, the tyranny of the simplistic, the masses.”–from an unknown source

Welcome to Somniare. I created this blog as an outlet for all of the perceptions and swirling emotion that have a tendency to overwhelm when not given a proper escape.

Why “somniare”? The word is Latin for ‘of dreams’. Dreaming is a part of my being that I hold very dear. It is an aspect of every day existence that many people overlook as trivial or so far beyond comprehension that most are unable to find definition within it. In the literal sense, I hold much credence in the validity of meanings and messages delivered while we sleep. For years, I have been able to tap into very powerful insight through what I see in dreams. In the figurative sense, even when I have lost all hope and have seemingly nothing left to hold onto, I have never abandoned my dreams. I have dismissed some as pure idealism for the safety of my inner realist, but never will I deny their existence for I would be lying to myself.

For years, I have had dreamless sleep and have in turn felt lost while that part of me was in remission. That empty space became debilitating as my inner guide failed to return day after day. One night, that nearly forgotten piece of my greater puzzle made a dramatic return. I came to the realization that my ability to write never abandoned me… I simply had given it up. The effort it takes to spill ones heart and soul onto paper became to much of a burden and I took the easy way out in living within my own mind. All I needed was the trigger-quick spark of inspiration to shine light on my own missteps.

I can stand true to the talents I have been blessed with, or I can become the very definition of a lost cause. So here we are, Somniare and I, gracing or punishing the world with our presence. Welcome to the chaos that is me.


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