sometimes, my head explodes

ex—hale July 28, 2008

Filed under: almost poetic — somniare @ 11:50 pm

I think perhaps… it may be a good idea to breathe.

Never can you hold tightly to your life until you’ve felt the slip…

It looks like you could use a bit of both.

In the fade comes the light and suddenly…

The darkness defines all you were and ever will be.

In your final thoughts, let me weigh down and help expel

illusions of forgiveness and worth

under the guise of condensation (breathe against the glass for me now)

So I may see myself so very tangible as you set me free.

All those years holding me in and losing your mind


Thanks for the sacrifice. I’ll show myself to the door.

No, no. No need to get up. I can manage.

You just sleep.

I’ll close the blinds, you haggard thing.

I’m feeling well today.


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