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science is ignorance June 23, 2008

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I really struggle when watching or listening to anything regarding life outside of our planet. As I sat in my slow decay on the couch watching endless documentaries on National Geographic, I decided to punish my inner theorist by watching a 2 hour report on UFO sightings… which apparently increased in credibility due to being told by none other than Peter Jennings *insert dramatic eye roll here*.

First of all, I found the documentary to be way higher on the bullshit meter than any of the recollections made by people experiencing sightings. The main reason for that not being because of the efforts to disprove the sightings, but more because of the blatant display of human ignorance and egocentricity that only increases as we “advance” as a civilization.

Back when UFOs were the talk of the town in the early 50’s, minds were a lot more open due purely to the fact that our technology was too primitive to supply even so much as the illusion of being able to prove or disprove any documented events. The more people attempted to rationalize and investigate though, the more they effectively squashed the ability to see an event for what it was.

What the bulk of humanity qualifies as ignorance is exactly the opposite of what I actually believe. Theoretical physicists seem to be about the only research professionals with even a fraction of a clue. We discount otherworldly encounters and other supernatural phenomenon as smoke and mirrors and sleep disorders… claiming that the people detailing their experiences are ignorant of the realities of SCIENCE.

Fuck science.

We only know as much as we’re capable of comprehending. We live in a box outside of our own design. There are walls containing us that can’t be described by ignorance alone. Why spend so much time increasing the strength of these barriers by attempting to validate mysterious claims with the likes of our feeble technology?! How is it possible that so many people believe that we’re ever going to be able to discover life on other planets trying to pick up radio signals or deeming planets lifeless due to the lack of water or the chemical levels in the atmosphere or the extreme climates and wind conditions? I’ve heard on countless documentaries that most expeditions and studies for life are based on a search for water alone. If this is the case than we’re not on a search for “life” but on a mission to find another planet just like ours. The chances of THAT? Slim to none.

What we need to face is that we may never possess the technology to discover other life forms because we simply can’t comprehend intelligence so vastly different from our own. There is no logic behind assuming that any planet has no signs of life. Hell, our own sun could be absolutely teeming with life! Just because we can’t see it, touch it, or even understand it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Seeing is believing for most. Some of the most steadfast skeptics and dedicated scientists have been uprooted from the constraints of what we know due to having their own supernatural experience. I wouldn’t discount the behavior of foil-hat-wearing “lunatics”. We may not be able to read thoughts with anything we have, but who’s to say that in the entire universe, nothing else can either. We may not find enough credibility in stories to break through our own skepticism, but if this civilization is to be anything other than infantile, we’re going to have to think outside of the box.

I’m sorry, scientists… this is just outside of your scope of practice…


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