sometimes, my head explodes

“please stay” May 30, 2008

Filed under: from the mute to the deaf — somniare @ 8:21 pm

Among the ordinary associations we encounter day to day, occasionally something poignant sticks out. One small gesture, a short sentence, a word by itself, or even a barely audible sigh. We pick up on the subtle, ambiguous messages sent to us. From the messenger, they could be the last resort after the obvious screams have been unheard… but to us, the last breath is the most important of all.

There’s something more genuine in giving up than in anything else in this world. In resigning, there’s an opening. We are most raw when we’re letting go.

In my experience, I have given all I have… all I am… every emotion. I scream from the mountaintops in passion, misery, pain. Not one person has truly listened until the tragic sound of the towel hitting the floor echoed through their heads.


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