sometimes, my head explodes

rinse, repeat March 1, 2008

Filed under: in.between,my evolution,somniac — somniare @ 11:02 am

Questioning the many moons
revolving quantum lies
and a day late eclipse.

These are my late night words. This is what runs through my head while I sleep. Cryptic and foreboding. Like a final breath expelled, the last chapter has reached it’s conclusion. Inspiration is finite.

My limits have been reached and I stand at the edge of the world looking into space, contemplating mysteries and craving knowledge and new experience. It’s an unquenchable thirst and all I can do is stare at the distant oasis in this barren desert. Impasse.

I’d claim hiatus… but it could be a lie as it often is. Just when I’ve shriveled to nearly nothing, I stumble out into the rain and drink.

My drive is incubating. I refuse to let it waste… so I feed it. I read, I talk, I listen… absorbing. Perhaps it will blossom again. I’d like to think so.

Until then, know that I am not dead… just sleeping. And everything is alright. Gentle repose… the pause between heartbeats… the space between atoms… I lay there now.

This symphonic coda, a dramatic summation at the end of an era. I am realigning for a new epoch… the time draws near.


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