sometimes, my head explodes

my sunday best [verbal ensemble] December 24, 2007

Filed under: almost poetic — somniare @ 10:16 am

Words spilled to coat the day,
or maybe I’ll just wear them like a new outfit,
I’ll write them down to get dressed.
My analogies and imagery,
like a polka dot shirt and a plaid scarf,
worn with pleasure to abrade your senses.
My broken sentences
like a hole in one sock and the bent clasp on my bra,
irritating only after the fact
when I’ve gotten too far from home to change.
Exclamations are the tears in my jeans
so that the wind can bite at my knees
and you beg to touch my frozen skin.
Questions can be my curves beneath the chaos,
we’ll leave it at that.
Punctuate for makeup,
commas like the dripping mascara
you thumb off of my cheeks,
and ellipses like my favorite lipgloss,
gently…dab dab dab with a fingertip-
draw attention away from
quotes like spaces between teeth.
My lexicon like a costume party,
hiding flaws and gagging this useless mouth…
yet these careful hands
in the fingerless gloves,
unrestrained for later undress,
there are words that strip just as well…
but it is still morning and I’ve only just begun.


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