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writing- the path to wisdom? December 8, 2007

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While in a writing frenzy about an hour ago, I had to take a random break as something I had written sparked my memory. It had been a while since I had researched the Book of Enoch so it took some major googling to figure out who it was I was thinking of that had been accredited with contributing to the fall of mankind by introducing pen and paper.

The result of my search returned exactly what I was looking for:

Pinem’e (also known as Penemu) –

Excerpt 1: “demonstrated to the children of the people the bitter and the sweet and revealed to them all the secrets of their wisdom. Furthermore he caused the people to penetrate (the secret of) writing and (the use of) ink and paper”

Excerpt 2:“…a onetime holy angel who fell from grace. He is especially vilified in the literature of Enoch, specifically the First Book of Enoch (69), because he taught humanity many terrible things, such as the secrets of wisdom and, worst of all, the use of ink and paper in writing. As a result of this ability, many humans “have erred from eternity to eternity, until this very day. For indeed human beings are not created for such purposes to take up their beliefs with pen and ink”; this may be rather stern denunciation of writing and the field of journalism. Interestingly, Penemu ( is also credited with the ability to cure stupidity.”

It’s strange how things in the back of your memory rise to the surface at such random times. The concept of writing being a contributing factor to the ultimate demise of humanity itself is enough to keep one thinking for hours. Essentially, it’s an enlightening truth. Consider how much of what is spoken escapes memory… but if it’s written down, well the chances of preservation are multiplied tenfold. What we know from lore has mostly been brought to us by an insane game of “telephone”, warped and corrupted from having been verbally transferred time and time again until someone finally wrote it down. Who knows how much of it had already turned to mere myth by then. If you examine that, you then must ponder the possibility of the truths obscured by the title “myth” attributed by man from the beginning. This train of thought could cause the mind to run in circles for hours.

Tangent aside, the spark that initiated the research to begin with were my ideas on the immortalization of thought. As our being is completely lacking in any permanence, it’s safe to assume that every individual has at least some instinctual desire to leave a part of themselves with the world when they are no longer a physical part of it. This is obvious in the drive to simply procreate though this is a baser need and not one requiring higher thought. Why do artists create, why do writer’s write? To leave a mark, immortalize themselves in a way.

I have a mind programmed to assault theory, instinct, and penetrate the surface of what we are already well aware of. As my mind ran with the idea of immortalization, it picked up the question of whether or not writing could do more harm than good. The concept of an inherent evil in the spreading of knowledge through writing almost completely eludes me. Why was it viewed as an ability that humanity should never have gained the aptitude for? Could writer’s block be a punishment from a much higher level? Minds capable of doing extraordinary things being blocked off from their ability… there are countless neuroscientific and psychological analysis regarding this issue but one can’t completely discount the possibility of some arcane force working there.


2 Responses to “writing- the path to wisdom?”

  1. Sariel Says:

    Incoherent thoughts:

    When/If I happen to have a moment or maybe even the words to produce ink to paper.
    After reading the print, I begin to see other things that I had otherwise not been aware of… about myself and about my feelings and possible interpretations that others may have.
    I do know that if it weren’t for the ability and the knowledge of ink and paper – I may other wise not be the person that I am. The ability to put words to print let the world (possibly) understand the pictures in my head, is a necessity.

    But when writers block surfaces, I feel constant anxiety, frustration and sometimes depression.
    I would not have if I never knew of written word.
    This form of communication may have been kept from us in order to save ourselves from such despair. If it weren’t for this “sin” causing such misery, wouldn’t it replaced by another. We’d find another something…

    Preservation of words is important – they remain the same, however the meaning always changes given enough time. Though words may change with the “telephone”. The meaning may change with the same words.

    I’ve read several books – conversed with many entities that claim they gave/give mankind the skill of writing etc. I haven’t read the Book of Enoch in years, who is it that you’re referring to?

    Writers block could indeed be a punishment. I just can’t understand why we’d be punished when we had no “true” knowledge of where it came from or if it is wrong.

  2. Jon Says:

    “writing frenzy” is right! get that shit on paper, yee-haw!

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