sometimes, my head explodes

intro/outro December 8, 2007

Filed under: almost poetic — somniare @ 12:21 pm

intro/outro [means to an end]

Hello conscious,
sensual and blessed
practiced in guile.
Nice to meet you, intellect.
I am judgement-
alias: intrigue.
Amalgam initiated.

Lingual melange internalized
choking on itself.
Wrapped and stunted,
diffident and affected.
We wish on stars
and convince ourselves to sleep.

The lost art of affection,
a forgotten salvation
from slipping silently unheard.
Coalesce to fill the space-
Fingers intertwined, knuckles turned white.
A gripping deliverance
from abided seclusion.

Life in paradox
out of one, two will survive.
We are not away
but hiding in corners
arms around knees,
swaying to thought rhythms-
contorted minds met of incidence.

Two little voices echoed from the edge
synchronous puerile sobs.
Tears shed in unison
pulled upward toward the sky,
then delayed descent to follow
and fall, indiscernible from the rain.
Who said one was the loneliest number.

What a statement, bringing flowers,
sending pretty packaged death.
They cry, “Join us” from their vase,
knowing we have.
As blooms curl inward
each petal letting go alone,
A fond display of fade away.


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