sometimes, my head explodes

the elocution of breaking November 26, 2007

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the elocution of breaking [a timeline]

The ambiance of solitude
radiate idle absence.
Proclamations of-
so much emotion so little space.
Tired connection,
frayed wires and broken synapses
careful semblance to…
dissolved, diffused, dissipated
(see, I even waste away in eloquence)

The half life of analysis-
flourishing at awareness
then expired upon impact.
It’s residue…
a suffocating refusal to relinquish-
such as dust fallen on unused bodies
turning flesh an unsightly shade of gray.
An invisible toxin of purest form
(hold your breath and wait)

Eyes that only see inside
an ignorant bodily prison.
Timeless sacrament sewn seamlessly,
a cloak fashioned to shroud
an exterior constructed of consequences
a price paid for comfort
and ease to live in pieces.
Banality stripped to reveal disenchantment
(I’ve forgotten your face, cliché)

Borrowed time like orchids unattended,
crisp and frozen in space.
Flourish not for fragile petals
open for one so careless…
spread delicate fronds and
face buried in fragrance stolen
coercing nectar from stoic depths
the sweetest illusion of fated synthesis
(you are my favorite agony)

A child named Existedonce
born to parents- surname Wanderlust.
Nascent life riven from autonomy,
and what remains immortalized-
chapters torn from a novel obsolete
bless the amenity of choice.
Shallow stories left like a surfacing blush,
then hot-flashing burn to cheeks…
and skin peeling from overexposure
(you would have loved me regardless)

So it was written-
carefully measured
doled out in meter.
Calibrated tastefully,
a trigger gently pulled
punctuated bullets pierce.
Civilized wounds cultivate sequence,
rewind, reset, rephrase
(I will make it pretty for you)


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