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Aurora’s Promise [confessions in the dark] November 11, 2007

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Untie these wrists so as to let,
willing fingers dance circles on skin.
Or else bind tighter
until gentle intentions
draw life from healed scars.
Weave convoluted bias from these words,
construct the proverbial noose-
if only to validate the safety of asphyxiation.
Sweetly opened wounds
weep sentiments
like breath caught –
(hitch and exhale)
through parted lips;
a sigh sent to elope
with forgotten lament.
This muted affair-
a lesson in obscurity
and the ties that bind.
The painless disease of contradiction-
blood shed willingly
to pool on these flawless sheets,
leaving the stain of borrowed absolution.
A hundred last breaths taken,
The same final words spoken,
(In company resides the peace in rest)
an epitaph fallen on one less than deaf.
Unbound, these selfless hands wander,
seeking the promise of
absolved cerebration,
emancipation of what has come to define
this irresolute affliction of isolation.
Lashes brush across cheek-
(plead. beg. please… )
questions preceding the great undoing:
head lain upon chest in sacrifice…
melt euphoric chaos and infuse-
welcome corruption of such rational
rise-fall rhythms and skip-tremble beats.
Amnesty offered to this martyr’s flesh-
innocent hesitation passing like
a dulcet prelude to orchestrated collapse.
Then sleep beside such testament,
the assent of ideals in union, a truth born-
the genesis of exemption:
axiom emerged.


One Response to “Aurora’s Promise [confessions in the dark]”

  1. acrylicwinter Says:

    having read this more than once I think that it’s safe to say you have an exceptional and mystical quality to your writing. Well done.

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