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The philosophy of mental atrophy November 9, 2007

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It’s a common awareness that after leaving the age of schools, studying, books, and teachers, the brain is often left to it’s own devices; our minds must entertain themselves. Due to the increasing demands of adult life, it is most likely a safe assumption that once one reaches adulthood, complete and utter stupidity is imminent. We get trapped in dead-end jobs, have children and spend our days teaching them basic survival, and forget about the talents and skills we were so prideful of in our early years. We were artists, musicians, dancers, athletes…. only to devolve into nothing more than the memory of past aptitudes. We abandon the part of ourselves that was open to education and growth. We focused on the subjects that were interesting to us, even if they were few and far between. We built up our social skills, even if it was in failure. We dove whole-heartedly into our emotions, sacrificing judgment for the thrill of stolen kisses in the hallways. When there was no hope, we leaned on society as a guide to enrich and enlighten. There was always at least one person to hold our hands, brighten the path at its most desolate turns, inspire greatness within the potentials of youth.

For myself, I refuse to accept life as an abandoned soul, even if left to my own devices to unfold in my potential. I will hold the hands of my children as they attempt to pave their own roads among the debris of this decrepit civilization. My mission, very early on, became one of preventing my flesh and blood from becoming carriers of the disease that spawns such horrific mental atrophy across the masses. Through personal experience, I know that youth can be robbed from you before you ever saw it coming… it is the wonder of being wide-eyed and unencumbered by the weights of life that embodies the joys of youth. It is also by experience that I can shine light on the fact that true cultivation and alleviation of what weighs our hearts as impressionable youths does indeed provide the most genuine experience as an adult. If the time is taken to make an effort in expanding the mind as an adult, your ability to teach will be astronomical.

The sad fact? Those times are dead. As we get washed away into the sea of earthly trials, we lose sight of the fact that we can’t conquer all that is wrong amongst us if we simply let the tides suck us under due to completely focusing on where we are… and not ‘why’. I truly believe that no one asks questions of themselves any more. Even the most inquisitive person, hell-bent on expanding their knowledge of the outside world never takes the time to internalize action and reaction. After the newness of our place in the world has worn off and we’ve dug a tidy little niche, forgotten is what was truly important to begin with.

What I’ve noticed to be the way around finding yourself in such a rut is to keep in mind that no matter how many things go wrong or crush your faith in the future, you can always find a small bit of comfort within yourself if you choose to continue to learn. It is not an excuse to dive into ignorance simply because graduating from school resembles walking the plank. Yes, you do get thrown into the world and are encouraged to use what knowledge you’ve acquired to get you to a point of stability but that is not the ending point. There are an unimaginable amount of subjects out there that school alone never touches, areas of life that you may find fascinating that were never introduced into your realm of thinking. Where not many people have the time amongst their careers, homes, bills, and children to sit down and research aimlessly… there is an untapped resource that people commonly overlook. The people that we associate with every day are each very much individuals with their own unique quirks and fascinations. Take the time to ask them what it is that truly interests them, and WHY. Expand yourselves, set yourself apart from what this society is so quickly becoming.

We drone on through routines and everyday actions while so much more is out there in the world. Exposure and learning through experience is detrimental of course, but in order to take the first steps to diving into such an intimidating pool of broad-mindedness, one must test the waters within the individual droplets who are our friends (and even enemies), in order to get at least a vision of the bigger picture.


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