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why I fear sleep October 31, 2007

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On mornings like this, I wish I hadn’t started dreaming again. I don’t mean that in the emo sense that I wish to crush my hopes and dreams, but the literal dream-sleep that I had been previously lacking. There have been a handful of really intriguing ones that I have felt the need to research more thoroughly but the one last night… well, it left me sick to my stomach.

I dreamt  of my ex-husband. Never before have I had a negative dream about him so this was disturbing. In real life, he has been taking the opportunity to trample me usually while drunk. In my dream, he was not drunk but you would never have guessed it. We were discussing some issues when he left to go to the bathroom. After getting an odd feeling, I went upstairs to check on him and found that he had gone into my bedroom and was pissing in the bottom drawer of my night table. I started screaming at him and he finished up his business, walked around the bed, opened the drawer to the night table on the other side and proceeded to vomit into it. I woke up sick to my stomach.

What in god’s name does a dream like that mean? The literal interpretation of pissing and vomiting all over my life? I may have to study this against my will just so I can get the disgusting visual out of my head.


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