sometimes, my head explodes

outside of hell October 29, 2007

Filed under: hell is other people — somniare @ 11:24 am

I feel it necessary on this bitterly cold morning to state that while I may despise people, am damaged in some areas that are beyond repair, have a tendency to spiral within my own despair… I am not defined by this.

People read what they want to read and omit the undertones. The love and vitality that I harbor underneath it all. What spills out is often a way to cleanse and prevent my life from being corrupted by all that has debased what I am capable of being.

It’s so very sad that we as people have generally succumbed to sacrificing true vision and merely watch the world in shades of gray. True ignorance comes to the surface in the refusal to acknowledge those around us that truly radiate unadulterated color. I am not blinded to the people who stand out amongst the torpid, unimaginative souls that wander amongst us. The shallow ones, the pseudo-intellectuals, the shortsighted individuals… they are my anesthetic. They put my mind to sleep. In light of that, I depend on those times that I run across the rarities to inspire and revitalize. I am renewed in their company.

I’ve been blessed as of late to cross paths with a handful of such people. In my experience, I can say that there have been few who have impacted me enough to change my stance or views on myself as a whole. This year has been beyond intriguing in that I have learned that I have been the one responsible for shutting myself off from those that could have brought me out of my shell. In this time of evolution and rebirth though, I am blind no longer.

Hell is other people indeed…. and often one we opt to live in of our own free will.


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