sometimes, my head explodes

rationalizing friendship October 27, 2007

Filed under: hell is other people — somniare @ 12:23 pm

It’s a real shame when you watch someone you care about become so damaged that they no longer resemble the person you knew. They’ve changed so much that they are more than willing to cut down everyone in their path. These people are shameless in their spreading of misery. What they fail to take into account is that sometimes their victims are much more broken than they are.

The ability to think rationally and understand that you can only be hurt by those you care about slips through the cracks. Ahh, rational thinking. Few give it credit for how rare it truly is. When emotions run high, they consume. You are ruled by what you feel at that very moment… succumb to an abandonment of all that you have learned from experience. All that is pure unadulterated truth dissolves to smoke as we manipulate and become manipulated by this blatant disregard.

We let our guards down, allow people to step in and affect us. They have power whether we acknowledge it or not. Friendship has become such a fickle sentiment. Easy to snap and glue back together over and over. We push away and pull back. All the while weakening the bond.

Is it worth it? I’m still trying to figure that out…


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